Insights that Help Your Bank with the Future

Insights that Help Your Bank with the Future

Insights that Help Your Bank with the Future

The findings from each study were derived from primary research. Utilizing a panel of 25 million U.S. respondents, identifying specific target market for each study to uncover insights, attitudes and behaviors of banking customers. Banks will learn about customer behavior with mobile wallets, payments, retail, and banking in the future.

Each study is sells for $250 and is pricing is available at a discount for bundling studies.

Banks AcquiredBanks Acquired

These fresh insights will help bank executives understand the accountholder’s viewpoint during and after the merger and acquisition process. The full report provides 31 pages of analysis and insights from 100 bank customer’s attitudes regarding their acquired bank, 21 of the 35 recently acquired U.S. banks represented, sentiment, expectations and apprehensions. Banks Acquired contains 24 graphs illustrating the analysis of our findings.

Millennials & Mobile WalletsMillennials & Mobile Wallets

This report’s intention is to provide an overview of millennials’ behavior with mobile wallets and implications for U.S. banks. The full report provides 39 pages of analysis and insights on the behavior millennials have with using mobile wallets and their thoughts on a bank mobile wallet, comparison between millennials and non-millennials, predictions of usage, and 33 graphs illustrating the analysis of findings.

Millennials & the Future of BankingMillennials & the Future of Banking

This study’s findings define an image of the future for banking and reveals an analysis of the banking behavior, and future financial product needs of millennials. This study will help banks understand the needs of the millennial and their attitudes towards banks. 450 U.S. millennials participated in this study. In this study there are 35 pages of written analysis, 8 millennial profile vignettes, 23 graphs and several images.

The Age of Mobile WalletsThe Age of Mobile Wallets

This study explores consumers preference for bank vs non-bank choice for a mobile wallet. What you will find in this paper is in depth examination and analysis of the behaviors and habits of banking customers and their attitudes toward and preferences for mobile wallets. 2,000 U.S. respondents participated in this study, 41 pages of written analysis with graphics and over 60,000 datapoints.

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