Project Catalyst Explains Causes for Emotional Customer Attitudes Towards Acquired Banks 

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Project Catalyst Explains Causes for Emotional Customer Attitudes Towards Acquired Banks 

We separated respondents concerns into three categories: products, business and other. They are slightly (3.252%) more concerned with the business of the bank over the bank products.

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Using SNL, Project Catalyst — a leading management consulting firm — identified 21 of the 35 recently acquired U.S. banks, and surveyed 100 bank customers who experienced an acquisition of their bank. The research unveils insights about the banking customer’s attitude toward the acquired bank, which helps bank executives understand the account holder’s viewpoint during and after the merger and acquisition process. Research conducted by Project Catalyst took place on April 26, 2016.

“Future of banking is dismal; personal customer service will continue to rapidly disappear until it is non-existent; everyone will be a faceless number and everything will be paperless and online — so sad.” – Male, age 58, CNL Bank, closed account.

Mergers between U.S. banks could hit the highest level in a decade this year, and with the majority of customers reacting emotionally to bank acquisitions, it’s important to understand how negative and positive emotions erupt.Untitled

Customers from banks from 17 different states were surveyed: Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Washington.

The survey, comprised of nine multiple-choice questions, asked customers specific questions about their habits, behaviors, and actions with their financial institution.

(98%), or a savings account (80%), and a credit or debit card (84%) with their financial institution.

Only a quarter (25%) of the respondents had an IRA or investment account with their bank.

We also learned many respondents’ behavior was to conduct business through the bank’s online banking product (38%).

 Only 25% of the respondents visit the bank’s branch frequently, and fewer noted that the branch staff knew the respondent by name. Even fewer (10%) had a relationship with a personal banker or officer, and some respondents (10%) said they had no relationship with the bank and felt like they were just a number.

The findings from this research provides:

The customer relationship with the acquired bank

Customer actions and concerns about the acquired bank

How to reassure customers during the acquisition process

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Tery Spataro, Executive Vice President, Director of Innovation, Project Catalyst | 800-439-8710 ext. 245


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