CCG Catalyst has worked with many clients and each of our clients have a unique story. These stories provide great insight for the future of the industry. We share these stories with you, so you can learn from others and what they have accomplished.

Personal Interviews

How did you get into banking?

Everyone that works in Financial Services has a different story to tell. Just like every institution or company has a unique culture that makes them different in the marketplace.

Listen or watch these personal anecdotes about life in the industry whether it is bank, credit union or the fintech world.

Case Studies / Work

What we've done for our clients.

As a firm, we collaborate with our clients to bring market knowledge, opportunity, and vision. We form a relationship to guide them through the velocity of change that ignite the future of our industry. Please review a few of our client engagements

Case Study:
Contract Negotiation for $1 Billion

$2.8 Billion

$15 Billion

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We believe in relationships, not just transactions.

Our clients expect us to be the subject matter expert, trust us, lead them through the current and future state of business confusion. The partial list of client logos includes many of the most respected banks, credit unions, international banks and fintechs in the world and we are honored to call them CCG Catalyst clients. Many of them rank among the top performers in the financial service industry. Call us and let us discuss how we can benefit you.

We have clients all over the world

We are client-driven and industry-focused firm that forms long-term relationship with our clients. Through collaboration and specialized experience in our clients’ industry segments, we offer truly innovative and effective solutions that align with both clients’ short- and long-term business objectives.

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What Our Clients Say about CCG.