The Banking Battleground: Views from the C-Suite

The Banking Battleground: Views from the C-Suite

Banking Battleground

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The Banking Battleground: Views from the C-Suite


As we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, banking institutions across the US (and around the world) are finally beginning to look toward the future. While the past year or so has been difficult in many ways, this experience also did a lot to move us forward in financial services. Banks worked hard to transition to digital as their clients stayed home and put stimulus money into the hands of customers and businesses as quickly as possible. The truth is, though, everyone came at this from a different place of progress. Some already had the digital infrastructure in place to execute, while others had to accelerate plans, and still others had to start from scratch.

This report presents the findings of CCG Catalyst’s 2021 US Banking Study, which asked C-level bank executives in the US about their attitudes and priorities as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic. In particular, it focuses on the differences in perspectives between more forward-thinking institutions and those that have generally taken a traditional approach. The research provides lessons for banks that may be lagging behind in their own future-proofing efforts, as well as those interested in better understanding where their peers are headed. Finally, it’s time to think about tomorrow.

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