Board & Executive Facilitation

Board & Executive Facilitation

What We Do

CCG Catalyst facilitates these types of events, using our deep knowledge of the challenges faced by the financial industry. We bring our personal experience as CEOs and industry expertise. With our insights into best practices used in many other financial services companies to expand your thinking and fully explore options.

We help you plan the content and objectives of your offsites, retreats, and pivotal board meetings. We act as the neutral, outside facilitator of the event. We ensure that everyone gets heard and that the meeting produces tangible, actionable outcomes for the business.

How We Do It

  1. CCG Catalyst harnesses the collective wisdom of the group. Every meeting attendee counts. We often talk to each attendee in advance to create a relationship that encourages everyone to actively participate. We consider pre-conceived issues, so we can make sure to deal with those during the meeting. We encourage the team to speak openly and constructively.
  2. CCG Catalyst serves as a neutral party. Having a CEO and industry expertise running your offsite means the company gains an outside expert to navigate the issues and personalities involved – without career interests or political alliances coming into play. Additionally, CCG Catalyst serves as an outsider, but one with insider knowledge of the financial services industry. We can calm tensions, solicit opinions, and get people talking in ways that company insiders often cannot accomplish.  All this drives the meeting toward action items that make sense for the company and earn approval from the group.
  3. Guide in tense times. For meetings that must deal with disruptions, we bring experience and guidance to management teams and boards. We examine the bank, credit union or fintech’s internal and external risks, advise boards on how to operate during a disruptive  time, and coach them to become more cohesive and effective. We facilitate engaged, informed, and constructive debate.