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CCG Catalyst 4D™ Methodology

A Four-Step Approach to Strategic Thinking and Innovation


At CCG Catalyst, we believe that the best solutions are not always the most obvious ones. That's
why we use a four-step approach to help our clients identify and overcome their challenges and
explore and seize new opportunities. Our approach is based on the principles of design
thinking, a human-centered and collaborative way of solving problems and generating ideas.


CCG Catalyst 4D™ methodology is based on decades of experience and expertise in the banking
industry. It is designed to address the specific challenges and opportunities that banks and
credit unions face. CCG Catalyst 4D™ methodology helps financial institutions:

  • Align their vision, mission, and goals with the market needs and customer expectations
  • Identify and prioritize the most impactful and feasible initiatives and projects
  • Create a holistic and integrated roadmap for transformation and migration across all
    dimensions of the bank
  • Implement the roadmap with agility, efficiency, and quality
  • Measure and monitor the results and benefits of the transformation
  • Adapt and evolve to the changing environment and customer demands


CCG Catalyst 4D methodology follows a structured and collaborative approach that involves the
bank’s leadership, stakeholders, and employees. The methodology consists of the following

The first step of our approach is to acquire knowledge about your business, your
customers, your competitors, and your industry. We do this by conducting
extensive research, interviews, surveys, and observations. We also use tools such
as customer journey maps, personas, and empathy maps to understand your

customers’ needs, pain points, and motivations. By doing this, we gain a deep
and holistic understanding of your business context, and we can identify the
most relevant and pressing problems to solve.

The second step of our approach is to explore the knowledge we gathered in the
previous step, and to define the problem statement and the desired outcome.
We do this by analyzing the data, finding patterns and insights, and synthesizing
the information into a clear and concise statement of the challenge. We also use
tools such as problem framing, how might we question, and point of view
statements to articulate the problem from the perspective of your customers
and stakeholders. By doing this, we ensure that we are solving the right problem,
and that we have a shared vision of the goal.

The third step of our approach is to collaborate with you and your team to
explore and discuss possible ideas or solutions for the problem. We do this by
using brainstorming, ideation, and prototyping techniques to generate a wide
range of options, without limiting ourselves by preconceived assumptions or
constraints. We also use tools such as mind maps, sketches, storyboards, and
mockups to visualize and test our ideas. By doing this, we foster creativity and
innovation, and we can discover new and unexpected solutions that meet your
customers' needs and expectations.

The fourth and final step of our approach is to justify and validate the chosen
solution or strategy. We do this by using feedback, evaluation, and iteration
techniques to refine and improve our solution, and to measure its impact and
effectiveness. We also use tools such as feedback loops, user testing, and metrics
to collect and analyze data, and to demonstrate the value and feasibility of our
solution. By doing this, we ensure that our solution is not only desirable and
viable, but also scalable and sustainable.


Our approach is unique because it is tailored to your specific business context and goals, and it
involves you and your team throughout the process. We believe that this is the best way to
create solutions that are not only effective and efficient, but also meaningful and memorable. If
you are interested in learning more about our approach, or if you want to work with us on your
next project, please contact us at __________________ We look forward to hearing from you.

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