Transaction Services

Application / Program Services

CCG Catalyst will provide a proven methodology to support your activities. We can provide the expertise to lead a project to a quality completion, on time and within budget. We have developed constructive working relationships with almost every vendor in the industry. 

At CCG Catalyst we can provide:

A project involves many activities which are interrelated, dependent and time sensitive. CCG Catalyst will either provide, take the lead, or support delivery of the following activities:

  • Create Steering Committee
  • Develop goals and objectives
  • Review Vendor Conversion Plan
  • Develop/validate timelines
  • Create group planning sessions
  • Develop team structure (oversight group and individual teams and team leaders)
  • Workflow assessment
  • Technology inventory
  • Interface development
  • Document custom modifications
  • Project Charter
  • Governance Plan
  • Project Roadmap
  • Milestone Plan
  • Develop and maintain  list of key issues to be resolved
  • Develop internal and external communication requirements
  • Internal and External Communication Plan
  • Perform an Initial Risk Assessment
  • Perform an analysis of the impact on staffing in key areas 
  • Identify external vendor support
  • Develop Resource Plan
  • Develop Work Breakdown Structure
  • Development of test scripts
  • Detailed Training Plan
  • Product and services matrix
  • Data mapping and data conversion programming
  • Programming resources for ancillary systems or tools
  • Validation of data mapping and data integration programming
  • Control file, parameter files
  • User Acceptance Testing.
  • Best practice workflows for systems and tools
  • Training and remedial training
  • Documentation to support regulatory exams and audits