Banking-as-a-Service: Navigating a New Frontier – Part II

Banking-as-a-Service: Navigating a New Frontier, Part II


In part one of this report, Banking-as-a-Service: Navigating a New Frontier, we took a look at what the BaaS model looks like from the bank perspective and how an emerging crop of BaaS vendors is setting the standard for this new way of distribution. In this second installment, we focus on banks that have decided to go direct, building their own BaaS platforms and managing their relationships and operations in-house.

BaaS is an extremely popular topic today, and for good reason — many banks are struggling on customer experience, and it offers a way to offload that piece to a third party while still collecting not only deposits but also fees and other revenue. How to do BaaS, though, and how to do it well are really hard for most bankers to wrap their heads around. This report offers best practices and case studies for those beginning to explore this new frontier and considering going it alone.

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