Bank Business Case: Strategic Direction/Opportunity

Bank Business Case: Strategic Direction/Opportunity

Developing a business case to justify a change to a strategic direction or to expand a business area in a profitable manner while supporting the bank’s strategic objectives and leverages the bank’s brand is complicated and without a degree of risk. CCG Catalyst will gather information and investigate the opportunity the bank is considering.

A few of the items CCG Catalyst will review include:

  • What are the Bank’s near term challenges and strategic objectives and how do we build the foundation to address these challenges and support the long-term objectives?
  • What organizational characteristics support or hinder the strategy?
  • What are the Bank’s high level goals for the banking franchise (deposits, loans, consulting engagements, bookkeeping services and other metrics)?
  • What key gaps (i.e. product, delivery, staffing, infrastructure, business process) must be addressed in order develop a solid foundation for the Bank’s banking strategy?
  • What are the estimated relative financial impacts of implementing / expanding the strategy (i.e. investment requirements, accounting impact, total cost of ownership, potential differences in revenue opportunities)?

Given the complex nature of this type of engagement, CCG Catalyst recommendations will be broken into two segments –Strategic & Operational. The strategic segment will focus on the market segment, associated risk, cost and return on the investment. The operational segment will focus on the processes, products, services, infrastructure and procedural aspects of the strategy. Based on the results, CCG Catalyst will recommend the preferred go forward strategy.

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