Bank IT Strategy

IT is increasingly a critical enabler of business transformation and growth and plays a fundamentally role as it supports the bank. IT enables the advancement of products and innovation, and foster customer-led growth. CCG Catalyst helps clients realize the full potential of their IT as it supports the bank’s business strategy.

Banks can no longer afford to treat information technology as a mere cost center. Increasingly, an efficient IT function spurs growth of the bank, identifying and enabling new opportunities. CCG Catalyst helps clients align their IT departments with business needs, and we work closely with them to develop growth plans based on IT’s unrealized potential.

Our approach identifies the technology solutions and IT capabilities required to enable the business strategy, setting the foundation for developing an IT strategy.

We consider four key questions essential to designing a bank-enabled IT strategy:

  1. How does IT enable the banks vision?
  2. What is the current and future state of IT capabilities and technology?
  3. How can we close the gap?
  4. How do we deliver on the future state?

Our Team

A collaborative perspective guides CCG Catalyst relationships both internally and with clients. We take a long-term view in our relationships. We strive to build bonds founded on respect, caring, honesty, mutual support, and investment. We work together in a manner that is team-oriented, constructive, and challenging.