Engagement #3


A little big picture

Bank Strategy: Started in 2004, Tagline “Most Innovated Bank” Community Ordinated, Personal Banking, Private Banking, Business Banking, Credit Cards, Investments

Structure: 43 Branch Network, Development In-house, Steering Committee

Online presence: Cutting-edge digital banking, Award Winning

Other Comments: Progressive Management & Team

Engagement: Innovation Assessment – Execution and Structural, People and Culture Diagnostic, Recommendation – Creating Innovation Center, Accelerator Program, What Does The Bank Need, To Maintain Industry Leader Status?


Size: $15 Billion

1. Research

Highlights - Qualitative and Quantitative
  • 77.44% / How effective do you think Bank is at marketing products?
  • How would you classify the bank as an industry leader? 82%


Product Market

2. Future State

  • Enhancing Bank’s Internal Innovation
  • Focus On Incremental
  • Remove Bottlenecks
  • Define Target Customer Utilizing Research & Internal Data
  • Implement Town Halls With Management
  • Innovation Group

3. Recommendation



  • For internal application process, ensure there are clearly defined domains and businesses to tie into ideas e.g. Back office, client facing etc.

  • To Track ideas use a system like salesforce and customize from there


  • Send monthly updates company wide discussing employee innovation stories and success


  • Co-sponsor a hackathon with an outside industry player
  • Run your own hackathon

    50+ Additional Recommendations

4. What Happened Next



noun     |   in·no·va·tion

The introduction of
something new; a
new idea, method,
or device