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CCG Catalyst helps its clients navigate the complex and dynamic challenges of the banking industry, such as digital transformation, customer experience, innovation, regulation, and competition. One of the key differentiators of CCG Catalyst is its research services, which provide in-depth and actionable insights into trends, opportunities, and best practices for the banking sector. CCG Catalyst’s research services cover a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Banking technology and innovation
  • Banking customer behavior and preferences
  • Banking regulation and compliance
  • Banking strategy and business models
  • Banking industry benchmarks and performance

Research Services

CCG Catalyst’s research services are designed to help our clients make informed and data-driven decisions, as well as to support its consulting engagements and projects. CCG Catalyst research services include:

  • Research reports and other content: CCG Catalyst publishes regular and timely research reports and other content on various topics of interest and relevance to the banking industry. Our reports provide comprehensive and objective analysis, as well as recommendations and best practices, based on our proprietary data, surveys, interviews, and case studies. Recent reports published by CCG Catalyst include: US Open Banking 2024 and Core Modernization 2024: The Next-Generation Opportunity.
  • Research subscriptions: CCG Catalyst offers research subscriptions to its clients, which provide access to its research reports, as well as exclusive and customized research opportunities, such as analyst office hours, industry updates, and market overviews. Research subscriptions also include the opportunity to request briefings on specific research topics or questions, allowing for more direct engagement with our team.
  • Research advisory: CCG Catalyst provides research advisory services to its clients, which involve conducting bespoke and tailored research projects, such as market assessments, competitive analysis, customer segmentation, product evaluation, and feasibility studies. Research advisory services also include delivering presentations, workshops, and seminars, as well as facilitating brainstorming and ideation sessions, based on the research findings and insights.

Why choose CCG Catalyst for research?

  • We have a team of experienced and qualified researchers who specialize in the financial services industry.
  • We use a variety of methods and tools to collect, analyze, and present data and insights.
  • We tailor our research to your specific needs and objectives.
  • We deliver actionable recommendations and strategies to help you grow your business.

What types of research do we offer?

  • Market research: We help you identify and evaluate the size, trends, drivers, and challenges of your target market.
  • Customer research: We help you understand your current and potential customers, their needs, preferences, behaviors, and satisfaction.
  • Competitor research: We help you benchmark your performance and positioning against your competitors and identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Opportunity research: We help you discover and assess new products, services, channels, segments, and markets that can create value for your business.

How do we conduct research?

  • We start by defining the research objectives, scope, and methodology with you.
  • We collect data from primary and secondary sources, such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, online platforms, reports, publications, and databases.
  • We analyze the data using quantitative and qualitative techniques, such as statistical analysis, content analysis, thematic analysis, and sentiment analysis.
  • We present the findings and implications in clear and concise reports, dashboards, infographics, and presentations.
  • We provide recommendations and guidance on how to implement the research results and monitor the outcomes.

How to request CCG Catalyst Research?

If you are interested in requesting CCG Catalyst Research, please contact us. We will discuss your research needs, objectives, scope, timeline, and budget, and provide you with a proposal and a quote. Once you approve the proposal, we will start working on your research project and deliver it within the agreed timeframe.

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