Bankers Fintech Council

What is the Bankers Fintech Council?

Bankers Fintech Council (BFC) is a membership-driven council of banks that aims to foster collaboration and innovation between banks and technology providers in the US market. BFC is facilitated by CCG Catalyst, a leading advisory firm that specializes in helping BankTech and FinTech companies navigate the complex and dynamic financial services industry. BFC provides a platform for banks and technology providers to exchange insights, share best practices, explore opportunities, and address challenges in the digital transformation of banking.

As a bridge between the worlds of fintech and banking. We help fintech companies of all sizes and stages to collaborate with financial institutions on creating and delivering innovative solutions, testing new ideas, and entering the US market. We also help banks to access the latest technologies and trends in the fintech space and to partner with the best fintech providers for their needs.

We are a joint venture partnership between CCG Catalyst LLC (Managing Partner) and the Arizona and Wisconsin Bankers Associations. Our network includes a diverse range of over 700 financial institutions, from community banks to global banks, as well as other stakeholders from the public and private sectors, such as governments, regulators, academics, investors, and lawyers.

If you are a FinTech or BankTech company seeking to expand your presence in the US market, we can help you connect with the right financial institutions and support your growth. Our mission is to bring the future of financial services closer and to enable the collaborations that will drive the most positive and impactful changes.


If you are a technology provider that is interested in participating with the Bankers Fintech Council, please contact CCG Catalyst.

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Paul Schaus

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As Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer he leads a successful team of subject matter experts. Throughout his successful career Paul has been a banker, management consultant, strategist, thought leader and strong advocate to the financial services industry.

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