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Strategy Development

As a group of former industry executives, we provide real world consulting to our clients. We have been through the process of building a strategy and being responsible for execution and the glory of when it works and learned the lessons when it doesn’t meet the objectives.  of that can be very difficult.

At CCG Catalyst We get engaged in strategic advisory projects typically around a major pivot from your planned strategy; an acquisition, entering new markets, a shift in product or go-to-market approach; in short where there is a strategic pivot from the client and external advice has added value.


Fintech strategy is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, but fortunately, there are resources to help you navigate this new world. Reaching out to experts like those at CCG Catalyst can help you start your Fintech journey and reach your highest potential.

Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS)

BaaS can be a confusing concept — it’s also a hot one. In simple terms, when banks deploy their products and services through nonbank brands, this is called BaaS. Bank partners provide regulated infrastructure to a brand (frequently a fintech) and receive access to new revenue sources through the financial products they offer to customers. Banking products provided by some of the biggest fintechs (e.g. unicorn neo bank Chime) in the country are powered by a bank.


Payments are a cornerstone of financial institutions’ business models and revenue goals. They are also a key component of everyday life for businesses and consumers who need to move money. As a result, banks and credit unions everywhere need a payments strategy that supports the opportunities and threats of the modern world. Financial institutions choose one of two main approaches when developing a payments strategy: a proactive offensive strategy or a reactive defensive strategy. At CCG catalyst we have the subject matter experts that can provide the real world answers.


A technology strategy is a crucial part of any bank or credit union. Strategy is an often misunderstood or misused term. On top of that, in this fast-paced technology world where things move at a fast pace, it can be tempting to skip the hard work of defining your actual strategy, and rely on duplicating the technologies, choices, and approaches of others “me too” strategy.  Every institution is unique, so copying another peer or leader strategy is a mistake. Let CCG Catalyst advise you on the best strategy for your institution.

De Novo

As the U.S. banking industry continues to consolidate de novo banks have enjoyed sustained and profitable growth, preserving competition, and providing credit in local markets. However, institutions in the process of becoming newly chartered banks struggle like other new business ventures, navigating the complexities of obtaining capital, application and compliance, staffing & technology infrastructure.

CCG Catalyst understands the overwhelming responsibility of establishing a new bank. We have advised over 30 de novo banks. CCG Catalyst brings professionals to your team – experienced in opening a bank quickly and efficiently.

Market research

Market research is the process, action or activity that a financial institution uses to gather information on its customer base. This information is critical for business operations, as data such as customer behavior, savings patterns, digital utilization, product preferences, and more can be extracted from the results of market research and provides a tool for strategy development. This valuable data can then inform the financial institution of business decisions in areas like product development, marketing, strategies, and pricing. At CCG Catalyst we have an award-winning research team. Check out our Insights and judge for yourself.


A Bank or Credit Union ability to achieve its annual performance goals is directly linked to the technology infrastructure that has been created. Technology is critical to the overall operation and financial success of a financial institution because it directly affects services and ultimately impacts the customer. Let CCG Catalyst advise you on your Technology Assessment, Governance, Evaluations or Contract Negotiations.

Bankers Fintech Council – Fintech Introduction

Our focus is to provide fusion between banks and fintech

Being a council member gives you first-hand introductions to innovative products and services. We offer an introductory platform for established international fintech companies who are looking to expand into the US marketplace.

At CCG Catalyst we can advise you on new and exciting technology. Working with you, we will define your requirements and provide fintech solutions that meet your requirements. Our fintech companies are a diverse group covering multiple areas in payments, lending, and deposits. Listed below are some of the disciplines:

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Open Banking
  • Embedded Finance
  • RegTech
  • Lending & POS
  • Wealth & Investments
  • Data Analytics