Business Continuity Planning

  1. Current State Assessment
    CCG Catalyst’s  Current State Assessment provides an in-depth review of the capability and maturity of your current Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery Programs based on industry best practices and regulatory standards. The assessment will provide you with detailed findings, recommendations and metrics defining the current maturity and recovery capability of your programs. At the end of the study, CCG Catalyst provides expert recommendations to heighten the sophistication and maturity of your recovery programs. The assessment is an excellent first step for new and existing programs to establish a baseline of maturity and capability and to develop a roadmap for future improvement.
  1. Business Impact Analysis
    A Business Impact Analysis, including an analysis of recovery strategy options, addresses the key first step of aligning business requirements with IT recovery capabilities. CCG Catalyst identifies the business processes and information technology that are critical to the livelihood of an organization by determining the quantitative and qualitative impacts of downtime. The process further defines the organization’s target Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs).
  1. Threat & Risk Assessment
    The Threat & Risk Assessment identifies the man-made, technological and natural threats that can adversely affect your key business and IT processing facilities. The study assesses the probability and potential impact of each threat and level of mitigation. CCG Catalyst provides an in-depth report that identifies critical areas of risk and exposure and provides prioritized recommendations for improvement.