A technology assessment and planning process will ensure that you define your requirements, assess the ability of current technology to meet your requirements, develop a roadmap to fill the gaps and implement in a way that drives business value.

  • Business Case
  • Business Needs Assessments
  • Strategic Technology Planning
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Technology Spending & Benchmark Analysis
  • Business Analytics Services
  • System Selection

Technology Assessments serve as a baseline analysis of  bank or credit union technology function

CCG Catalyst assessment methodology will analyze the bank’s or credit union’s infrastructure, applications, processes, service provider relationships, and technology-related staff and management. This includes a review of the institution’s planned and ongoing technology projects and the relative priority, return on investment expectation, and timing of each initiative.

  • Current Strategy and Governance
  • Organizational structure
  • Staffing levels, skill sets and experience of employees within the Technology function
  • Management, operational and reporting processes
  • Contracts and service level agreements with technology service providers including performance levels and customer satisfaction indicators
  • Technology risk management program including an assessment of risk tolerance thresholds
  • Technology budget and expenditures including capital investments
  • Technology infrastructure design, implementation, and management
  • Applications portfolio, both in-house and outsourced in terms of feature, function, and the technical architecture of systems
  • Technology development and/or acquisition methods and guidelines

Technology Planning, a service designed as a roadmap for developing your technology plan.

CCG Catalyst facilitates your planning process with an organized approach that saves time yet produces a comprehensive plan that ensures continuity between your business plan initiatives, current and available technology, scalability, and the resources needed to support it.

While this plan is individually tailored to each bank or credit union  the following components are the framework from which we begin the process:

  • Approved Business Strategy
  • Mapping IT Assets
  • Perform a Gap Analysis
  • Strategic Vision and Governance Model
  • Decision Making Framework
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Publish, Promote, Maintain the Strategy