Core System Evaluation Evaluating your core vendors is a major task and should only be undertaken if your current business strategy is not being supported by your core vendor. Our methodology takes you through the process to select the appropriate solution and vendor that can make the difference when employing technology effectively and profitably. Replacing your core vendor solution is a complex, costly, and risky operation that affects the whole organization for many years ahead. For this reason, it is imperative to select and shape a core banking platform that not only suits the current needs, but also the future state of the bank or credit union. CCG Catalyst follows a proven process that we customize based upon the client requirements. Our process has been used on over a thousand evaluations.
CCG Catalyst Evaluation
Current State
Process Assessment
Gap Analysis
Future State Requirements
Business Requirements
Evaluation Charter
Number of Vendors – Unlimited
CCG Catalyst Evaluator™
Scoring System & Analysis
Technology Discussion
Site Visits & References
Configuration & Pricing Request
Total Solution Cost of Ownership Model
Final Vendor Selection
CCG Catalyst Negotiation
Contract Negotiation

A few of our key differentiators in our service include:

  • Expertise: CCG Catalyst are the subject matter experts related to all the technology solutions available to your bank or credit union, from vanguard vendors to the newest fintech solution. With our extensive experience in technology strategy, our team will lead you through our methodology and be with you for every step of the process.
  • Methodology: CCG Catalyst’s core system selection methodology is a strategy-centered approach that is unique to the industry. We provide advice, leadership and recommendations to you and your team during every step of the process. Our methodology is customized for each client because we believe each client is unique and a canned or templated process will not deliver the results that are required.
  • Assessment:  Validating your business strategy to your technology is the most critical step in our process.
  • Cloud based RFP/RFI:  Our award-winning cloud based RFI/RFP tool, CCG Evaluator™, supports the management of a vendor decision-making process and identifies the strengths and weaknesses of technology or services provided by vendor solutions. Our RFx comes with thousands of questions for the vendors to answer covering all areas of a solution.
  • Automated Selection/Scoring: With our CCG Evaluator™ tool, CCG Catalyst has an automated scoring process for all the RFx questions. Each member of the selection team can provide input into the criteria and weights it as the system grades the performance and functionality of the vendors. The final data generated by the scoring engine ensures that all vendors are being graded on identical selection criteria.