Governance Assessment – CCG Catalyst works with banks and credit unions  on projects that require fundamental changes to technology, culture and even the organization. Many banks face IT governance challenges that result in delays, cost overruns and a lack of accountability.

Find a more effective way to modernize and transform your IT operations by introducing best practices for IT governance, supporting new technology and an effective architecture, and breaking down cultural barriers to achieve strong business and IT alignment.

CCG Catalyst’s IT governance experts can help your organization adopt the industry’s best practices and give your bank an orderly, enterprise approach to key IT decisions. CCG Catalyst has developed a step-by-step workbook to help you develop a program that fits your bank. By following these steps, your organization will:

  • Determine the role of Technology in the bank
  • Identify the IT governance decisions you can make immediately
  • Identify the aspects of good and bad governance in your current approach
  • Identify recent failures and successes of IT governance
  • Summarize your position in the IT governance quality matrix
  • Review your IT governance organization and processes against a best practice guideline
  • Identify your case for action for stronger IT governance and needed changes
  • Develop a roadmap and action plan for IT governance