Bank IT Performance Improvement

Bank IT Performance Improvement

When IT underperforms, it hurts the bank’s performance and hinders innovation. A sluggish IT department limits a bank’s ability to adapt to shifting market demands, increases the time it takes to release products and services, and damages customer satisfaction. The pace of change is accelerating; banks need to organize their operations efficiently and ensure they get the most out of their IT investment.

We work with our clients to assess opportunities to improve IT performance, identifying the resources and capabilities necessary to ensure lasting results.

Three key elements influence bank IT performance:

1. IT governance and alignment: IT’s priorities should match those of the business owners.

  • Is IT focused on the right priorities?
  • Do IT decisions enable or constrain the bank?
  • Does IT strategy align with business strategy and needs?
  • How quickly does IT adapt to changes in business needs?

2. IT capabilities: We help clients improve talent, processes and the organization, so they can execute efficiently.

  • Are IT solutions completed on time, within budget and with clear business results?
  • Are IT solutions engineered to the appropriate level of complexity?
  • Does IT meet expected service levels?
  • Do IT efforts have an acceptable success rate?

3. Technology environment: We work with clients to reduce complexity in IT, including the application portfolio, data and infrastructure.

  • Can simple business requests be handled quickly by IT?
  • Does the technology allow for IT flexibility and responsiveness?
  • Is the cost of legacy systems in line with value added by the technology

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