Bank Technology Assessment

Bank Technology Assessment

CCG Catalyst will analyze the bank’s infrastructure, applications, processes, service provider relationships, and technology-related staff and management. This includes a review of the institution’s planned and ongoing technology projects and the relative priority, return on investment expectation, and timing of each initiative.

  • Current Strategy and Governance
  • Organizational structure
  • Staffing levels, skill sets and experience of employees within the Technology function
  • Management, operational and reporting processes
  • Contracts and service level agreements with technology service providers including performance levels and customer satisfaction indicators
  • Technology risk management program including an assessment of risk tolerance thresholds
  • Technology budget and expenditures including capital investments
  • Technology infrastructure design, implementation and management
  • Applications portfolio, both in-house and outsourced in terms of feature, function and the technical architecture of systems
  • Technology development and/or acquisition methods and guidelines

CCG Catalyst recommendations are based upon our experience with the industry and a comparison of our findings against peer group analysis and industry best practices. The results of a Technology Assessment serve as a baseline analysis of the overall technology function.

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