Service Operations

Service Operations

CCG Catalyst has completed projects involving branch and service center networks, call centers or self-service channels. Integrating our work with research on frontline behavior and on customer loyalty, we offer an analytical approach to understanding employees’ motivations and customer interactions and needs along the customer corridor.

What We Do

Effective and efficient customer service has a critical impact on customer acquisition, retention and cost management. Service operations that are tailored to the needs of key customer segments–while balancing quality and cost objectives–play an integral role in any bank’s success. We help define the target customer experience, translate it into operational requirements, and ensure consistent service delivery across channels in the most cost effective way. Our work helps banks jump start a cycle of increased employee satisfaction, improved service quality and improved customer loyalty that impacts both the top and bottom line.

CCG Catalyst offers a range of service operations programs in call centers, self-service and remote monitoring, branch operations and network design. Our programs include volume management across channels, and optimization of channel operational performance, including sourcing model design, call routing, scheduling and rostering, among other areas.

We rely on a broad set of tools to achieved target results, including complexity reduction, process re-design and performance systems. We have a proprietary model to drive employee engagement and performance improvement programs anchored on lean principles and behavioral science methods. High velocity learning loops combined with aligned incentives help to unlock significant value through discretionary performance, resulting in lower costs, higher revenues, better service and more loyal customers.

Client Engagements

Design and implementation of a best in class centralized servicing model

To effectively deliver on a consistent and high touch customer experience, financial effectiveness, quality of service and sales delivery, and to strategically position the Bank for continued growth, CCG Catalyst recommended a transition to a centralized contact center operating model. This model supports multiple internal and external customer segments and product lines including consumer and small business, online and mobile banking, branch support and switchboard calls. Additionally this new operating model is aligned with and support the strategic direction of the Bank while achieving key operational efficiency, quality and service level objectives.

Retail Effectiveness

We were retained to help a regional community bank increase results in the form of more loyal customers, fulfilled and engaged employees and better economics. The results were sustained and even improved over time, as we assisted the bank develop the capability to continuously enhance their operations. Our methodology was designed to make efficiencies stick. Using our approach, we have helped our client achieve remarkable results across three dimensions:

  • Improving financial performance. Eliminating waste from operations and getting customer interactions right the first time, reducing rework and shortening decision cycle time.
  • Raising customer loyalty. Customer loyalty pays off in growth and profitability, because loyal customers use more services, stay longer and recommend the bank to others. More efficient, first-time-right processes tend to delight customers and make them advocates for the bank.
  • Unlocking discretionary effort by employees. People with clarity about their mission, who receive positive reinforcement for doing the right thing, go the extra mile to deliver. It reinforces a sense of purpose and shifts resources and attention to those things that matter most to customers.

Our Team

A collaborative perspective guides CCG Catalyst relationships both internally and with clients. We take a long-term view in our relationships. We strive to build bonds founded on respect, caring, honesty, mutual support, and investment. We work together in a manner that is team-oriented, constructive, and challenging.